5 reasons to Love Yoga

1. No Judgements

The beauty of yoga is that it is yours, and yours alone. When on your mat, the practice of those around you is irrelevant. There are no comparisons in flexibility, alignment, or dedication. Each individual is unique and offers their own interpretation and perspective. Listening to your body and doing as little or as much as you need, is the foundation for a mature practice.
Understanding that there is no right or wrong way to attempt yoga, that there is no perfect or unattainable end-goal, and that there isn't any pressure, competitive nature, or need for validation from others, is the most liberating experience that yoga can give us. Walking onto my mat, I know how to treat myself and how to stretch my body to my own comfort. I know to steady my breath at my own pace and to clear my mind on my own time. Ultimately, the practice of yoga is a gift to, through, and for myself. 

2. The After-Glow

Like a new cut and blow out at the salon, or a steamy hot shower after a long workout, there's something special that happens after taking a yoga class. There's a buzz in the mind, a stillness in the spirit, and an overall sense of warmth in the body that wasn't there before. 
For a moment you forget that you have to pay bills tomorrow, or work overtime next week. For a second, you feel as though you could go grocery shopping in your sticky sweat stained attire and just hug everyone you pass down the aisle. A reawakened aura of motivation, productivity, and appreciation now glows from within. Who knew thatstretching, breathing, and laying on the floor for a minute, could re-inspire you?

3. Daily Dose of Spirituality 

While you might be confident in some situations and not others, though you might choose this over that, and why you might follow few but not all, yoga is somehow a tool to find balance throughout your entire life. It has the ability to aid outside of the mental and physical complexities here on Earth. There's something special about attempting to heal yourself, taking the time to understand yourself, and finding the acceptance within yourself, that allows you to really connect with yourself on a more spiritual level.
The physical aspect, asanas, are just one component of yoga. Further exploration beyond the postures and you'll learn about meditation, hidden energy channels, psychic abilities, and other metaphysical properties that we're all capable of finding and developing. 
Yoga is an opportunity to further investigate yourself, your purpose, and your place in this divine universe. It's an incredible way to set aside some time during your day to be grateful for where you’re at in that moment, to send light to others, to recharge your own energy, to reflect on your emotions, and to connect with the up and above. 

4. Yoga Pants 

We all love a good yoga pant. Slim fitting, fun prints, comfortable, sweat resistant, and boyfriend, spouse or partner approved. The good ones are expensive, but worth it when you realize that they're an all-purpose sort of investment. An easy outfit to throw on for grocery shopping, sitting on an airplane, pairing with boots for winter, running errands with a hangover, or basically anything that you have no shame in pulling them on for. 
They're marketed as, "yoga pants," however, no surprise that this is completely blown-up and Westernized propaganda. Studying yoga in the heart of India, they had absolutely no idea what yoga pants were. In fact, they thought it was funny that tight leggings were developed specifically for yoga. Apparently, what's suggested as appropriate attire for yoga is flowy, non-tight-fitting, and loose fabrics, like linen, so that the body and pores are able to detoxify and not become blocked. So even though yoga pants aren't really for yoga, they're definitely still workout pants, lazy pants, skinny pants, airport pants, hangover pants, and we LOVE them.

5. Global Trade 

Recognized around the globe, yoga is a universal craft. Developed in India and written in the original form of human language, Sanskrit, it has been transcribed, shared, and practiced throughout history. Today, it's taught in elementary schools, colleges, businesses, therapy centers, athletic training programs, hospitals, fitness studios, villages, cities, and communities in every part of the world. With an asana, or physical pose, for every being on earth, yoga was created for every body. From its ancient origins in India, out to the West, yoga has spread worldwide. 
Physically, it has become an intercontinental monetary tool for trading and bartering services. Internally, it's united cultures, nationalities, and human beings from all over the world. How remarkable it is to relate to one another through the practice of yoga, disregarding our skin color, political views, physical frame, gender, sexual orientation, or all other discriminations we've created in this society. 
Yoga is the unity of the body, mind, and soul, for every body, mind, and soul. Taking part in this global trade by sharing, teaching, and spreading this serene practice of unity to every place on Earth, is most fulfilling.