A Time for Yoga

Winter could be cold for some, warm for others, and on and off in some parts of the world.  Here in the Northeast United States, it could often be a unpredictable, with some days being mild and others being unbearably freezing.  Often you need to check the weather from the day before just to determine what you will need to wear for the next day.  It may be a thick wool (possibly llama or alpaca fiber) sweater, thermals, thick socks and boots and certainly a heavy coat for those cold slushy mornings. Other times, a lighter coat and your sneakers or sensible shoes, at times were you can even get away wearing without socks.


Whether hot or cold, however, your overall health is always something to be made a priority.  You may dread the freezing weather or slush if you are an outdoor runner - though on some of the milder days, you can get away with a brisk walk or vigorous run - even in a tank top in the permissive weather of 2 days ago.  There is the treadmill, which is often less desirable for people used to running outdoors.  Weights and swimming are often a great option though they require being in a certain place at a certain time, 

Yoga can be one almost any place and any time.  Whether you are sitting in a chair at your desk, or in the comfort of your own home, or even a stretch or two while standing in line to renew your car registration - and all it takes is a mat, and if more flexibility is needed, a strap and a couple of blocks.  Yoga is not only limited one aspect, but a great activity all around - the freeing of the mind, realignment of the body and the chakras, a restoration of the breath, and your vinyasa practice can even be made into vigorous workout.  

It can be done at any level and the resources for getting yourself into a yoga practice are numerous, from online courses to studios offering packages and drop-in donation based sessions. You can benefit from yoga in any aspect of your life, and you don't even need costly gear to practice - kick off your boots, peel off those socks, and get into the asana of your choice, or simply meditate and breath!