A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...and It's a Llama

It started out as an uneventful drive - a route I follow on few occasions when it's time to get my children from school. While the route is more or less daily, traffic patterns will determine which side streets to take. I must have passed that corner dozens of times making the green light or when red, anxious for the light to change and for the guy behind the wheel in the car in front of me to move, barely noticing even my immediate surroundings.


Then one random day it happened - without any kind of warning. A day of light traffic, an unusual day in New York when I was not in any particular hurry. The light at the corner yellow signaled for me to slow down to a stop, after all as soon as the light would become green I would be the first to go.


Taking in the scenery I looked  to my right, and froze when my eyes met the eyes of the subject. It was not a person nor an animal. It could not talk nor could it move. But it had a face. A face with eyes gazing out in the street accompanied by a flairy set of nostrils and a confident smile. It had been existed in the neighborhood long before I had moved and I had passed it so many times. It was a tree and more than just a tree...It was a llama tree!


I inched my car forward for another view and an obvious Kodak moment. Was it only me that saw the llama in the tree? I had a momnent to put my car in park and shoot an image an image or 2 - the silence of the moment which seemed to last forever broken by the irate honking of the driver in back of me.


"Excuse me buddy! It's not everyday you run into a llama tree!" No I did not say it - the impatient man behind the steering wheel would not have gotten it.  I showed the closeup version of the picture and some didn't see it. "Look the nose, the eyes..." interestingly enough the llama was even more visible from a distance - the point from where I shot the photo


Many did see it. Even when I would throw them off a bit. "See the reindeer?"

"No it's a llama!"

Llamas are certainly a significant part of my life. From people being reminded of one when seeing me, for what they represent strength and endurance making these animals a wonderful fit for a yoga brand, and now my very own llama tree right in my neighborhood.  I could not ask for more.