Feb 4th New Moon

So, as yoga enthusiasts, here at Llamaste we are really feeling the effects of this New Moon in Aquarius. Have you noticed some extreme changes in your attitude, your thought patterns, or decision making? Some of us have been feeling seriously emotionally challenged and it is because we are ending a chapter. Sometimes ending a chapter can be really hard, but we recognize that once we flip the page and start on this new moon, we will be free to do what we want. What we can say is:

Work with the energy of this new moon, for it is evolving with you.

The new moon is a powerful foundation for the development of our lives that is to come.

Every new moon offers key time to begin something (new job, new relationship, new hobby, new attitudes, new wardrobe, you name it). When the new moon falls under Aquarius, it favors originality, innovation, and planning for our future.

The sign of Aquarius becomes creative through the need to serve humanity. Instead, it is creative in the way that a collaborative effort or a group goal is creative: a gathering of ideas and shared labor towards a common goal.

With this new moon, we can go forward and let go of things that do not serve us so as long as we are willing to let go of things.

This energy encourages independence. If you have been feeling codependent on someone or something, begin to question why this is and start to meet yourself again with a strong shield of independence.

Change is not always easy. Change can hurt sometimes, it can be confusing, but it is necessary. Instead of judging your moments and criticizing every change in your life, attempt to simply let it be. Watch it without judgement as a tree endures a storm without judgment. 

P.S. Yoga is an exceptional healer for this time in your life. Your circulatory system is needing more attention than ever and by dedicating even just five minutes for yoga will improve your mood, day, and outlook... if you are allowing it to.

If you are in the NYC metro area and would like to book a class with us, visit our site at llamaste.yoga or send us an email at info@llamaste.com for more info.

We hope that this new moon is a gift of fresh energy for you and that you may use it to your ability to focus on what truly matters to you. Life is short, it's time to tune in.