Finding Consistency

In today’s culture, we are fueled by technology, day-to-day distractions, and career-based priorities. It is very difficult to put our health and happiness first. Our dreams and ambitions can easily become side hobbies or left-behind projects, due to the ignorance of our intuition. While we must remain aware of our external commitments, we must also remain conscious of our internal commitments. These are the duties of the soul and the commitment to our souls must be equal to the commitment of our day-to-day lives.


Life gets messy and hectic and before you know it, three months have flown by and you still haven’t started the online yoga course you purchased. This happens to ALL of us! When our families take priority, work takes our energy , and bills take away our focus, there’s literally no time left for ourselves. Not to mention our constant twitter updates, Facebook posts, Instagram notifications, emails, texts, and any form of virtual interference, in general. How can we make time for all of this, PLUS yoga?

Balance. It’s all about the equal distribution of your commitments. Start by zeroing out each of your responsibilities. For however much time you dedicate to your children, block off just as much time for yourself. For the amount of time you spend texting your spouse or partner, spend an equal amount of time together in-person. Do you have to go grocery shopping? When you get home, have a meditation session for yourself that equals the time you spent in the supermarket. Balance it all out and time will catch up!


With so many things to do, people to see, and texts to reply to, any time off is usually reserved to rest and rejuvenate. For most of us, that means laying in bed all day, watching Netflix, or drinking a bottle of wine. Sometimes we’d rather do anything but yoga. It can be so difficult to get our bodies moving when our minds are so exhausted. So how do we push past our mental block and see through the fog?

Inspiration. This is the key to unlocking your inner motivation. Find a mentor to follow, a flow to download, a studio that makes you feel at home, or a mantra to stand by your side. Inspiration is your support system and your fuel. It is everywhere, surrounding us. We just have to be open to receive it.


When we have a list of eight-billion-and-one things to do, usually the last thing on our agenda is practicing yoga. It’s easy to leave our mat behind and concentrate on our real-world agenda. Some days, we’re really good about practicing! But on other days, we don’t even step near our mats. So how do we move our practice to the top of the list and keep it there?

Accountability. If we don’t pay our bills on time, we get cut-off from those services. If we call in sick for work, we don’t get paid for those hours. If we’re late to our children’s play, we don’t get to see their opening line. So what happens when we don’t practice? It’s your responsibility to make yourself accountable. If you don’t practice won’t progress, you might feel guilty tomorrow, you won’t reach your goals, and so on. It’s up to you to decide what makes you want to practice yoga, so that you can understand what happens when you don’t practice yoga.

Finding a consistent practice is all about how you can create balance, what inspires you, and what makes you accountable. Answering these three questions will remind yourself to keep going and why you started in the first place….