Five Poses For Lower Back Pain (With Illustrations)

We are all familiar with back pain. In particular, I (and a lot of other New Yorkers/Humans) have lower back pain. There comes a time when we have to battle the act of gravity and monotonous movement with STRETCHING. Let's talk about those juicy stretches that can save our backs from feeling like we just got hit by a train! But before we jump into that, let's talk about WHY stretching is sooo important not only for our backs, but for our breath, mental well-being, and stress reduction, too.

When you stretch on a regular basis, you are giving the muscles a chance to breathe with blood again. Blood is concentrated with oxygen and by nourishing your spine with stretching, you are allowing the muscles to loosen.

Not only will regular stretching help to loosen muscles and get rid of back pain, but it can also make your back stronger and help you avoid back pain/injuries in the future.

Stretching is an incredible healing technique and by incorporating it into a daily fitness routine or even just standing in line, you’ll strengthen your back making it less likely that you'll put yourself in pain.

NOW, let's get into those juicy stretches that will allow for our spine to be happy, loose, and ready for the day.

Best back pain stretches

Spinal Twist (it feels better than it sounds)

Stretch: Begin lying on the mat with knees bent, feet underneath your knees. Your arms should make a T-shape. You can then either 1. keep your knees together or 2. keep your feet together, and let your legs fall to one side. Make sure you keep your opposite shoulder grounded to the floor. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side. Hold each stretch for minimum 5 seconds, repeat at least 5 times on each side.

By breathing in this position, you are also massaging the organs inside your abdomen which is a plus!

Child’s pose

Stretch: Begin on all fours. Sit your hips back while stretching your arms forward onto the ground until a mild stretch it felt in the back. Breathe here, and relax. This is a safe space and is great for your lower back.

Cat-cow stretch

Stretch: Begin on all fours. With an exhale, arch your back towards the ceiling. Bring your navel into your spine, and hold. Then inhale and let your belly fall towards the ground. Lift your head, smile (because smiling is always healing!!) and hold. Repeat this process minimum ten times.

Hamstring (forward) stretch

Stretch: Begin sitting on the floor with one leg straight, and the other bent with the flat of the foot against your inner thigh. While maintaining a flat back, lean forward until a stretch is felt in the back of the thigh. Repeat on the other leg. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds, repeat 5 times.

Hip flexor stretch / Pigeon Pose

Stretch: Begin on all fours. Place your right foot behind your left wrist, and let your right knee fall to the right side. Sit straight up with your back straight, and then fold forward for a deeper stretch.Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, repeat 5 times.

Your hip flexor is directly connected to lower back pain. Stretch out your hips more often and you will see a noticeable difference.

For back pain relief, make stretching a daily routine

Stretching is one of the best ways to improve your health and your lower back pain. The key is to have continued daily practice.

Stretching each morning and each night will keep your body up to date with all of the strain it takes during the day. Better overall circulation in the body is an additional result.

With that being said, dedication of minimum 10 minutes to stretch will change your life. The best time to start is now!

Enjoy being back-pain free!

-Farrah Fisher