Llama Trama!!!

Once you become known for having a certain passion or affinity for certain things, people send you related stuff.  A professional yoga instructor will receive emails, MMS's and Instagram mentions, a fisherman - fishing related images and articles, and often with a few trade or interest related jokes.  A llama yogi like myself is no exception - one particular friend of mine does Google searches, making sure to message me some way out llama related meme every now and then. 

So on a Sunday, New Years Day - typically the quietest day of the year what is a friend of the llama yogi to do? In came the memes! 

​The memes always generate some kind of reaction from an eye-roll to a chuckle, however this next one had me on the floor!


So sometime roughly around 6 years ago (just around 2 weeks after Llamaste was born and the logo of my llama in the lotus pose was going through its embryonic changes), 5 guys in Bordeaux, France, got drunk, somehow managed to sneak a llama out of a circus and then went out for a night on the town taking pictures until on the tram, the driver reported there was a llama sharing a ride with him (evidently he did not see the llama board the vehicle).  Long story short, the 5 drunks tied Serge, the llama, to a lamp post and tried to flee the authorities before getting caught and locked in the clink for few hours.  


The photos they took had gone viral and apparently the 5 inebriates got their attention as well as sympathy via a Facebook petition of about 600,000 people, stating that they should not be locked up.  After all judging from the photos, Serge seemed to be  having a pretty good time, looked happy and fortunately was not hurt or drunk.  After all llamas are very social creatures. My question is directed more toward the circus itself - I mean come on!  How was no one able to see a llama waltzing his way out of the circus with a bunch of drunks.  

"Hey you guys? What the hell you doing?!"

"Oh, hey sorry, our friend Serge had a little to much to drink so we're taking him home." 

"Okay carry on..."

I can just picture these dudes then taking photos on the streets.  "Hey look it's 5 guys and a llama. Nothing just another night in Bordeaux. 

On the tram:


"Where's your pass?"


"Oh yeah, he's with us."




Now I am not saying these 5 guys should be off the hook, after all, they went into place (I am assuming a gated area off limits to non-employees) and made off with a llama, not only stealing, but opening up potential danger.  When being interviewed the director commented that a zebra had nearly escaped and they had to chase it around the place.  While neither animal, unlike a 600lb. gorilla can really do much harm, imagine if it had been a tiger or an alligator?? Then what?


The brief incident reminded me of one more recent one, in which because the repercussions were much more serious, received much more coverage, the Hirambe incident, involving the killing of a Gorilla in order to rescue a child who for some apparent reason was provided enough room to squeeze into the gorilla area.  Whether the child was hurt or would have been hurt, no one really knows, and several people were mortified over the killing of a gorilla, even issuing threats and petition to sue the parents of the child.  


True the parents could have kept a closer eye on the lad, however, anyone who has children knows even a millisecond is well over enough time for a child to get into harm's way and we are human. My question was then, why had the zoo had made it so easy for a child to get into that situation, and in a place where parents frequently bring small children?  The same question I have for the employees of the circus  how did 5 guys - drunk guys - make their way out of the circus with a llama??!  


 I guess, we will never know how the employees of the circus could have missed, but what we should realize is that if you happen to own a llama or any other animal, like your child, pay close attention to it and treat it lovingly as it were your child making sure no drunken strangers come and drag him or her away.  


On the other hand, if you happen to see a llama walking around Brooklyn, NY, just make sure it's me first before calling the local authorities.




Source: Daily Mail : "A lads' night out with Serge the llama" November 4, 2013