Tips To Make An At-Home Meditation Space

In this day in age, it's quite common for us to feel stressed. If we look at stress with an evolution perspective, the only times that plants and animals respond with stress is when their lives are in danger. Take a moment and think: through out the day, how often is your life really in danger?  Chances are, probably not often (unless you're a skydiving pirate with 5 lions as pets). The funny thing is, when we put ourselves under stress, this is when we are putting ourselves in danger. We must learn to take care of ourselves, and this begins with stillness through meditation. 

You don't have to go to a yoga studio or haul yourself to a meditation group (although these things are nice). In fact, the best place to meditate in is somewhere that you designed. Somewhere that you find appealing and relaxing: a space created just for you.

Below I lay out some tips to create your own meditation space in your home or even your work space.

1. Security.

You need a place that feels private. If you cannot dedicate an entire room to meditation, try setting up a folding screen. If you DO have a door, though, close it and lock it to let your family/roommates know that you should not be disturbed.

2. Shut your phone off / airplane mode. 

That's right people. Shut your phones off. Your phones emit frequencies [even without notifications] that can interfere with your own frequencies (yes, you have an energy field like your phone or a satellite). Even worse, who wants to hear a notification when you are deep in the beautiful abyss of your imagination? Airplane mode works, but if you want complete focus, shut it off. You will not regret it.

3. Make it beautiful and simple.

If your space is beautiful, you are more inclined to want to go there often. Making sure it's "de-cluttered" is a huge first step to creating and maintaining a comfortable space. Something magical happens when human beings are around sunlight, so set up near a window if you can. Sunlight detoxifies and can warm you and calm you. (If your window has an uninspiring view, you can cover it with a sheer curtain, or maybe a piece of Japanese rice paper with a lovely image on it). Natural elements like plants are very welcome. I also encourage you to bring in any statues, stones, or imagery that feels good to you. Make this your sacred space.

4. Make it happen.

In the end, there is no excuse to not meditate. "Not having enough space" is not a real thing. Create that space. Some people meditate as they walk, or while in the shower/on the toilet (seriously!). So be honest with yourself, and make it happen.

5. Shop affordably, or... not at all.

If you truly need your own little meditation hut, you can find a nice small shed at any home improvement stores for a few hundred bucks. Buy candles that are safe to burn / breathe in, essential oils that are 100% pure... But most likely, a lot of the things you may want in your meditation space can be found in your home.

I do want to say that not all meditation is sitting in a quiet space losing all thought and ending up on top of a mountain. Absolutely not.

Some meditation comes through activities of passion like painting, running, exercising, yoga, cooking, walking, singing, chanting, writing, playing music, and more. Your meditation experience is completely unique to you, and you should honor it in whatever shape it takes. As long as it benefits you, you are doing it right.

Overall, creating a meditation space can be easy, fun, and very practical. By taking the time to create this space, you are dedicating a part of your life to something that will change it.