Meditation for Anxiety

For those of us not well versed in the art of meditation, we may feel uncomfortable or even intimidated by it. When I first considered starting up a practice, all I could think of was Julia Roberts in the 2010 film, Eat Pray Love. Specifically the scene where she joined a meditation ashram in India and was opening her eyes every two seconds, shooing away bugs, and itching scratches she didn’t even knew she had. I was terrified of this! But then I realized...that in itself was a form of anxiety.

Anxious Beings

With today’s technology and culture of business, anxiety is everywhere among us. The constant pressure to stay in touch, remain available at all times, and to succeed in all aspects of our life is consuming and unreasonable. Keeping up with the pressures and expectations of this generation is just short of impossible. It’s so simple to get caught up in this career-focused and perfectionist-seeking world we live in. We are afraid to fail, afraid of our faults, afraid of the future, afraid of our past, and afraid of ourselves. So how can we push past these societal influences?

By Seeking Within…

Imagine your mind as a huge antenna. As you go throughout your day with this massive receiver, you are constantly picking up signals of every person you interact with, every task you are asked to complete, every responsibility you take on, and every emotion or thought surrounding you. Just think of how much energy and chaos would be coming in and out of your field on a daily basis. If you don’t settle and calm all of that confusion, you will be left in a frenzy. You will overthink the actions of others, expect failure over success, choose negativity over positivity, and so on. In order to let go of all of these feelings and anxieties, you must filter all of the energy that passes through your antenna.


Meditate. Turn your antenna inwards and treat yourself to a few moments of rest. Leave your cell phone and laptop behind and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. If you want to personalize your space with aromas, cushions, plants, or any objects that are special to you, check out our post on how to make an at-home meditation space here. Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep inhale followed by an audible exhale. Seal your lips and start to breathe at your natural rhythm in and out through the nose. Open your practice with a few words paying gratitude to someone you know or a positive moment from your day. Then, set an intention for your meditation. From there, let your soul do the rest. Come back to this space whenever you need it and you’ll start to see meditation as a gift, versus a form of discipline.