Spring Awakening

Springtime is the Earth’s season of blossoming beauty. It’s a gentle reminder to awaken from within and shake off winter’s hard truths. There’s something refreshing about Spring’s gifts. The sun shines a bit brighter, the clouds clear, and the plants stand tall. As the birds fly North and the mammals wake from hibernation, the entire planet responds to the season in change. We humans have the opportunity to open our eyes, release our breath, and take in the surrounding blooms.

The transition from winter to spring represents a chance to overcome challenges from the wintry pass. Our bodies-stiff from the raw weather, ache for a break in the sunshine. Our minds-busy from the holidays, seek peace in a steady breeze. Our hearts-chilled from constant perseverance, yearn for new inspiration. Springtime is a powerful time in the year to recognize our dampened spirits and to be reborn with the coming change.

Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace Spring...

Color: With the dark and dreary months of winter, come the colors of fall. To counteract this,I bring some color back into my life. I replace blacks and browns with vivid florals and bright pastels. I start with my wardrobe, lipsticks, and migrate to shoes, accessories, and house decor. Incorporating color into my physical world, eventually begins to affect my inner world.


Movement: For me, the winter is a time to rest and relax. To help get my body up and running in time for spring, I splurge on yoga, pilates, ballet classes, and anything that will keep me moving. This helps to set the pace for reawakening movement into my body.

Intention: Resetting my intention for Spring is a must after a long winter. During the cold season, I find myself programmed with an, “I can get through this”, mindset. When winter comes to a close, my mind is eagerly awaiting a spring cleaning. For this, I utilize meditation techniques and energy healing. This helps clear some space in my mind for new ideas and fresh inspiration to pour through.

Manifestation: Intertwined with setting intention, manifestation plays a big part in Spring’s metamorphosis. With a clear mind, active body, and colorful world, my stage is now set for creativity. This is the perfect time for me to write down my ambitions, goals, and dreams-to manifest my reality.

There are many ways to celebrate Spring and tune into its power. As long as we listen to the planet and become aware of its gifts, we are then able to awaken to our bliss. Happy Spring Awakening!