Summer is Here! Quick 15-Minute Ab Flow!

We know how much you’d love to see a flat tummy in your swimsuit this summer! So we put together a quick 15-minute flow to target your abs and tone your core. Although yoga may seem like a passive form of movement used only for flexibility-it’s actually quite the opposite. In fact, yoga is a whole body workout that shapes every inch and curve of your figure. Here is a totally active core engaging flow to help tighten everything into place, just in time for summer! And the best part? You can do right from your living room!

Part I: Warm-Up and Opening Meditation (approximately 5-minutes)

  1. Begin in a comfortable upright position. Place your palms on top of your thighs or knees. Close the eyes and take a minute to clear your mind and activate your Ujjayi breath. Ojaey-the breath of fire, will help bring warmth and power into your body. Seal the lips and breath in through the back of the throat. On the exhale keep the lips sealed and allow the breath to release and constrict from the back of the throat. Your breath should feed fire to your body and create an ocean-like wave sound. Find 5 rounds of long and deep OOjay breath.
  2. Unfold or uncross your legs coming into table top position. Tuck your toes and hover your knees slightly off of your mat. Keep your back in a flat line and send the belly to the spine. Press your palms firmly into the ground and push your weight out of the mat. Stay for five rounds of breath and then exhale release. Repeat for three sets.
  3. Inhale extend your right leg behind you and raise your left arm by your ear. On the exhale tuck your knee to your chest, curve and round the upper spine, and bend the elbow in towards your ribs. Find five rounds creating a flat line in the spine on the inhale and then pushing against the floor and rounding belly to the back of the spine on the exhale. When you’re ready, switch sides and find five rounds with the left leg extended back and the right arm by the ear.
  4. Returning back to your table top, tuck your toes and step back coming into plank pose. Keep your weight into the palm of the hands and lift up and out of your shoulder blades. Stay here for five rounds of deep breath engaging the core.
  5. Inhale raise your right leg off of the mat and exhale tuck knee to nose and round the upper spine here. Pull the belly to the back of the spine. Find four sets with each leg and then repeat for four more sets, but this time crossing the knee to the opposite elbow. Repeat on both sides.
  6. Shift all of your weight into your right palm coming into side plank. Place your left arm on your hip. INhale drop and hover the right hip above the mat and exhale press back up. Find five rounds here before switching around to the other side.
  7. From here, pass back through your center plank, drop and lower your knees onto the mat, and come into child pose. Sit your hips on your heels and lengthen out your arms. Three deep inhales and exhales for a short rest.

Part II: Upper and Lower Abdominals (Approximately 7-minutes)

  1. Slowly roll up through your spine and unwind to sit on your mat. Plant your feet firm on the floor near the hips and plant your palms on the outside of your hips. INhale raise your hips off of the mat coming into reverse table top. Stay here for four breaths, reaching your hips in line with your knees.
  2. On your next exhale lower your hips and sweep them through your palms, straightening out the legs and flexing the toes towards the ceiling. Find five rounds here. INhale reverse table top and exhale sweep through. Use the palms to press against the mat and hold your body weight.
  3. After your last set, rest your hips down into the floor and rock back on the sitting bones. Raise your calves parallel to the floor and reach your arms by your sides coming into boat pose. Five rounds of breath here, raising your chest towards the ceiling.
  4. Remaining in your boat pose, place your palms at your heart’s center and exhale twist to the right exhale twist to the left. Create shorter inhales and faster exhales here with quick and repetitive movements. Find 20 sets.
  5. Returning back to your center boat pose, re-extend your arms by your sides and straighten out your legs. Stay for five rounds of breath.
  6. From here bend your knees and inhale and exhale lower your boat pose to hover above the mat and straighten out your legs. Inhale rise, exhale lower. Repeat for five rounds.
  7. Exhale release your back onto the mat and send your legs up in the air, feet flexed towards the ceiling. You can rest your palms face down by your sides. Inhale slowly lower your legs ever so slightly. With each exhale lower your legs about 45 degrees more until they hover above the mat and then reverse the pattern back to the ceiling. Find three rounds here. Steady breath.
  8. Reach your arms wide by your sides, palms face down. Return your legs back up to the ceiling with flexed feet. Press your weight into your palms and sweep your legs to right allowing your left hips to come off of the mat and then sweep your legs to the left. Here we’re activating the waistline and obliques. Find six sets on each side.

Part III: Cool Down and Savasana (Approximately 3-minutes)

  1. Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on your mat. Open up the knees to the side and connect the soles of the feet together coming into butterfly. Place your palms in the center and exhale crunch forwards. Inhale release and exhale crunch. Find ten sets.
  2. From here close the knees and raise the feet off of the mat. Cross your right leg on top of your left and try to wrap your right foot around the back of your left ankle coming into a seated eagle. Do the same with you arms and sweep the right arm underneath the left and connect palms at eye level. Inhale crunch in nose to knee and exhale release. Find six sets on each side.
  3. Return back to your center and hug your knees in towards your chest. Gently rock side to side. Give yourself a big hug here and then exhale release. Stretch your legs long out in front of you and spread your palms wide towards the ceiling. Take one last deep inhale and an open mouth exhale release. Final savasana.

That’s it! That’s a quick 15-minute flow targeting the lower abdominals, upper abdominals, and the obliques. Try it out five days a week for at least two weeks and you’ll start to not only see the results, but feel it as well! Comment below and let us know which posture is your favorite! Llamaste!