Superbowl Sunday at Second Wind Llama Farm

As the sunset approached during the first Friday in February 2017, and people were leaving their offices to prepare for the weekend, little did some know that the humans of the earth were not the only ones making their preparations for Super Bowl LI.  Anticipation and decision making was taking place at the Second Wind Llama Farm over in New Egypt, NJ., and one could overhear the conversation between Jimmy, Clemente, Eduardo, Gunner, and Carbon.

left to right: Jimmy, Eduardo (Eddie), Carbon, Gunner, Clemente

Jimmy: You guys up for Super Bowl this Sunday?
Eduardo: I've got my yoga practice then. I never miss that!
Carbon: Well, if you plan to do yoga, then you need to get a yoga bag like mine - made by Llamaste. Check out mine

Eduardo: I like the feel of the canvas and the turquoise pocket on the side.  I wish I can sit in a lotus pose just like the llama on the pocket. 
Jimmy: Hey did you guys notice my new Llamaste Deluxe Edition knapsack in vibrant riverside blue?
Clemente: Dude, that's the first time I ever saw that one! When did you get it?
Jimmy: Just came in today.  They said supplies were limited so I went on to the site and grabbed mine right away!  And I got it on sale!

Eduardo: It's so you - it really has your name written all over it!

Gunner: His name is Llamaste?

Carbon: No, no, no. Llamaste is the name of the brand!

ClementeWhat does Llamaste mean?

Jimmy: I am pretty sure it means," The llama in me recognizes and bows to the llama in you."

Eduardo: Aren't we all llamas?

GunnerThat makes it even more the reason to go get your Llamaste bag!
Clemente: Is the sale still going on?
Jimmy: Sure is and it's going on through Superbowl Sunday! Go to and use coupon code SUPERBOWL2017. Get 10% off any purchases over $51
Clemente: 51? Why that number?
Gunner: I've got it! Super Bowl LI. Speaking of that, where are we doing Super Bowl? 
Carbon: By Jimmy of course!

JimmyHey, why do you guys automatically assume I'm hosting the Super Bowl. Why not Carbon?

Carbon: Do you expect a runt like me to host everyone? You're the alpha.

Jimmy: Can't we change the rules?


Jimmy: Alright alright, but first we do our vinyasa practice!

Clemente: But i still need to get my Llamaste bag. 

Gunner: You've still got time! The sale is still going on!
Eduardo: I'm on it! SUPERBOWL2017 right?
Jimmy: Yup and don't forget to send feedback. See you Sunday at my place for Yoga and Superbowl! And speaking of my place, did you know that Second Wind Farm NE, LLC is open on weekends, so we can have visitors come for walks and adventures?

Carbon: And they can even own loofahs made from our soft fiber!
Gunner: I had no idea! I'm so excited! Namaste, all
Eduardo: It's Llamaste!