The Inner Llama

So... Why Llamaste?

I get this question constantly. No, it's not just some funny logo name; the llama within "Llamaste" really does have a deeper meaning behind it!
In the Native American culture, you can find evidence of totems being used (totems are a spirit being, sacred objects, or a symbol of the tribe) as animals. OK- TOTEM. New word.

The Natives believed there to be different "medicines" or "guidance" (aka spirit beings) associated with different animals. These messages from the animal totems can bring really deep meaning to the person or situation at hand. OK- Animal Totems are meant to bring guidance!

The Llama totem encourages an open heart, continuous positive energy, gratitude, and following your authentic self in order to achieve your dreams. ..Uh, does this sound like yoga or is that just me?

Let's get deeper into what Llama symbolism is and how it could benefit you and your yoga practice.

In this case, llama symbolism is here to remind you that only through hard work and perseverance (being your asanas and focus, because let's face it, holding crow pose isn't necessarily the easiest thing) will your dreams can become a reality. Llama also reminds you that you can adapt to any situation. Whatever you are going through (maybe difficulty in keeping your breath, or possibly a deeper issue) you will be able to overcome it. Whatever loads you are carrying (like a llama does), you will be able to see it through and come out on the other side. In another way, llama could also be reminding you to recenter your focus on yourself (self discovery) as deeply as possible.Thus, personal growth and your connection to spirit/highest self should be your most important priority at all times. And lastly, llama reminds you to follow your heart's center (attaching to your true emotions and compassion) instead of your ego (do my feet smell? Do I look fat? What will I eat for dinner tonight? etc ego never shuts up). If you stay true to your heart, you can never go wrong.

There are countless animals that could benefit you during your yoga practice and other daily affairs, real life problems, relationships, decisions, and more.

In fact, I will go ahead and recommend this deck of cards for you to purchase:

But there is also a free online card-drawing service that you can use as well:

I use these at home consistently. I make my intention, bring it to my hearts center, draw a card, and read the message. It really is a worth while purchase.

What animal totem could help you today?