The Llama in Me Thanks the Llama in You


Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday is a time when people gather around the table with their family and loved ones, and traditionally to many, a time to eat Turkey.  Because of this it is often called "Turkey Day."  With steady population growth, naturally there are more turkeys being eaten every year, however at the same time, there are more and more people eschewing the turkey tradition in favor of healthier options, such as being a vegetarian or vegan, or simply some may not feel it is necessary to eat turkey and would rather save all those calories saved from the huge mass of bread stuffed in the bird's cavity! 

Another practice (I refrain from calling it a tradition as it is fairly modern), is going to all the stores, and now online and perusing all the "Black Friday" specials.  Why not? In our consumer focused society, who wouldn't want to buy more for less? But on the other hand, so many have forgotten the real meaning of Thanksgiving and it is a really simple one.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and gratitude - appreciating what you have from basic needs, the air you breathe, water you eat and use to wash yourself, people in your life, or perhaps your pet, whether a dog, cat, bird or llama. This is a significant part of the yoga practice, which is all about being grateful for your life, and accepting what may be, knowing that everything happens for a higher purpose. 

While giving thanks is something not only each yogi, but each human needs to do everyday, from waking up in the morning, to going to sleep at night and throughout the day, seeing a lesson in each thing that happens good or bad.  Of course if you have a vinyasa practice you to once, twice, or several times a week, the time to reflect on this is there. However, because we often get wrapped up in our busy everyday lives, we forget all about this basic principle.  But since there is a national holiday in the U.S., the opportunity to give thanks is there right in front of us.  

This year itself has been quite eventful both in positive and negative ways - it started with the loss of 3 close family members, among them my father who was always there for me to give me the best advice and support.  I am reminded of him in all that I do, especially as I sit down with my family this Thanksgiving. But I know his spirit will live on.

 Through all the hard times, however, some great things have happened in my life accompanied by new challenges.  I am grateful for the amazing and supportive family I have around me - especially my wife, kids, my mom, and a huge network of friends. My brand Llamaste is gaining more and more momentum as new products are soon to be on their way. I have gotten so much great feedback on not only the products, but on the name "Llamaste" and its mission to create a better way of living.In addition I am well on my way to receiving (what was originally categorized as 200 hour) completing my 500 hours yoga teachers training certification with The Kaivalya Yoga Method.  

 With so much happening this past year, it is easy to forget the basic things we have, among them, simply living.  This Thanksgiving, let's all take the time to reflect, whether it is through the sound of om, or just a simple thought of gratitude and find our sparks of enlightenment through this weekend.  I thank all of my readers for coming to this site with a heartfelt "Llamaste!"  The llama in me bows and gives thanks to the llama in you.