Get the family off the couch and onto the living room rug for some yoga fun! Take a break from movie or game night and try some of these fun family yoga poses. Each of these poses can be performed front stage and center in the living room! Recommended for ages 5+. 


Family Boat Ride 

  1. For this pose, grab everyone together in the center of the living area in a circle
  2. Grab hands and then rocking back onto the sitting bones, lift your feet into the air and try to connect your soles of feet to one another 
  3. See how long you can hold the boat!
Family Tree 
  1. Make a family tree by having mom or dad be the trunk and stand in a strong in a tree pose with one foot resting on the knee
  2. Have any siblings create a tree side by side connecting hands to hip
  3. Lastly, pick the smallest child and stack them on the shoulder! Make some branches with your arms and grab a photo on a timer if you can! 
Family Rocket Ship 
  1. The most fun for last! For this pose have the parents hold a strong lunge position
  2. Take turns with each child hanging them upside down
  3. For extra fun, create a blast off countdown and when you reach "1" parents can stand up and fly around the living space. 

These family yoga poses are so much fun to try with your little ones! It’s a great way to take a break, get everyone together, and try something fun! You will most definitely have a few great laughs if anything! Tag us in any photos you grab @llamaste_inc! 

August 09, 2022 — Bill Ades

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