Llamaste, Inc

Yoga for All Ages | Sustainable Apparel | Family & Community

We bring families together through the practice of yoga in a fun, creative, and unforgettable experience. Inspire the entire family to jump on the mat together!

Sustainable Apparel

Our apparel line is made right here in the USA from sustainable materials, including recycled water bottles. Designed in-home from our own staff and ethically sourced, our apparel is consciously made to improve the lives of our customers and the planet.

Yoga for All Ages

Our main yoga center is based in Brooklyn, New York where we offer classes for all ages and levels. We specialize in kids and family yoga, adult classes in unique styles, and a family-friendly atmosphere that is welcome and open to everyone.

Family & Community

The Llamaste community is made of dreamers, visionaries, artists, and compassionate individuals who aim to inspire and connect with those around us. We offer community events and social gatherings both online and in our yoga center to help bring people together in fun and creative ways.

Community feedback
Community feedback
The cutest matching sets ever! They are so soft and comfortable and the only way I can get my teenage daughter to match with me. Just amazing!
— Darlie, @thenotsobasicmom
Community feedback
My daughter and I love Llamaste! Their outfits are so cute and comfy and my little one loves all the fun patterns and colors.
— Dana Adams, @heydanaadams
Community feedback
Took a kid and parent yoga class today and it was very cute! It’s a sunny and clean studio and the teacher today was very friendly, positive and great with the kids. Would come again!
— Jessica Blackman
Community feedback
Just tried our very first family yoga class at llamaste and what a success! The class was totally age appropriate for my 6 and 8 year old and the space was bright and sunny! We will be back next week for sure!
— Alexandra D.

We are proud to contribute to creating safer communities for all

10% of our monthly profit is donated to our friends at The Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island to help support survivors of human trafficking.

ECLI is an organization dedicated to supporting trauma survivors of all ages

The Empowerment Collaborative of Long Island is a woman-led and founded non-profit organization based out of Long Island, New York. Their mission is to support survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other forms of trauma.

They provide counseling, education, and support to help us create safer communities

Our contributions go towards a variety of incredible services for survivors and the community including educational workshops, shelter and supplies, and counseling services among many other offerings. We also collaborate together in offering yoga workshops and classes for ECLI.

Meet our owner & founder, Bill Ades!

Hello everyone! My name is Bill and I'm the owner and founder of Llamaste, Inc. I originally founded this brand with inspiration from my children which naturally helped shape our mission and vision for bringing families all together onto the mat. I hope to welcome all of you into my extended family here at Llamaste!

Say hello to our dream team!

Our Llamaste family is made of teachers that are dreamers, artists and visionaries. They are each uniquely involved in the community whether it's through the arts, travel, wellness, and other fun talents that bring vibrant and one-of-a-kind energy into our studio!

Come stop by and say hello!

391 Bond Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Mon - Fri, 8am - 9pm
Sunday, 10am - 5pm