Get your kids ready for summer yoga camp with our top essential must-haves. Check them out below and be sure to bring them along for our annual summer kids yoga program this July.
1. Water Bottle 

First things first and that is proper hydration! Be sure to back a water bottle for your little one for summer yoga camp so that they can stay properly alert and well nourished. 

2. Yoga Mat

Secondly, we recommend bringing along a children’s yoga mat. Kids mats are usually shorter in length and width with less weight, so as to properly align their bodies during yoga and make them a bit more accessible to carry. But not to worry if your child doesn’t have their own, as most studios allow daily mat rentals. We most certainly do during  our classes and programs.


3. Colored Pencils, markers, and a pencil or pen

Another essential for kids summer yoga programs are writing and painting materials. After yoga, most summer programs will incorporate creative art projects and activities. Be sure to pack your children’s favorite coloring items.  


4. A journal or notebook 

Along with writing materials, we recommend bringing a special notebook or journal dedicated just for their yoga camp. Most programs will give children the opportunity to write, draw, and express their thoughts, emotions, and what they’ve learned about yoga throughout the camp. 


5. Lunch and snacks

Most programs ask for parents to pack snacks and lunches for their kids, as it’s sometimes difficult to accommodate groups of children with so many different food preferences or dietary requirements. Definitely make sure that your child comes to yoga camp with their favorite snacks and lunch meals to keep them present and fueled throughout the camp. 

That’s about it! The rest is usually provided for during children’s yoga programs. If there are any additional essential items required, yoga studios will most definitely let parents know prior to the camp start date. To join us for our upcoming summer kids yoga program this July, learn more and register at Llamaste!
July 03, 2024 — Bill Ades

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