Welcome the new year with some new and improved posture resolutions! Below are our staff’s top picks for recommended postures to practice, grow, and develop this year for 2023. 

    1. Meditation | Our number one posture and practice to grow this year is your meditation pose. Our staff highly recommends diving deeper into your meditation practice this year to allow for more observation, self discovery, and reflection. In numerology, the number 23- in honor of 2023,  is significant for freedom, unpredictability, and flow. By deepening your meditation practice this year, you may find more peace in your day-today with the ability to react to situations and circumstances with less resistance-which is a perfect compliment to this upcoming year’s theme.

    1. Pigeon | Our second recommendation to improve and focus on, in your practice for this year, is pigeon pose. This posture is a deeply rooted pose that not only releases the hips, sacrum, and entire sacral area of the body, but is also a beautiful emotional release. It is an incredible posture to help let go of any tension in the mind space, as well as relieving the body of stress, depression, and anxiety. This is a great posture to deepen and improve this year. 

    1. Forward Fold | Another beautiful posture to develop this year is forward fold, or seated forward fold. These two postures are lovely for opening up the backs of the legs, lengthening the spine, and developing your posture. We recommend utilizing yoga blocks or pillows to help deepen this posture throughout the year. 

    1. Standing or Seated Split | A fun pose to play with this year is standing or seated split. This can be practiced alongside a wall if standing, or on the floor if seated. This is a great posture to deepen your balance and flexibility-while also having fun and bringing out your inner child-as it typically brings us back to our childhood memories in gymnastics or dance classes. It's both a fun and challenging pose to throw in there for 2023! 

    1. Crow | Our last posture resolution for 2023 is the crow pose. This is an awesome pose to deepen your arm strength and balance. We recommend practicing this throughout the year to strengthen your focus, endurance, and balance.
Let us know which poses resonate most with you for this upcoming year. We wish all of our friends and family the happiest New Year! 
January 14, 2023 — Bill Ades

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