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After School Kids & Teen Classes

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Get your kids onto the mat after school

The perfect way to end your child's day at the desk is by jumping on the mat. 

They'll enjoy replenishing, fun, and creative classes to help them restore their mind-body after a long day at school. 

kids Adventure Yoga for Ages 4-6 Years Old

Drop your kids off at yoga as they transform into their embark on a new adventure! Each week we explore different themes including travel to far out lands and super hero adventures to save the world! This class is highly interactive and incorporates the use of toys and props to keep them fully engaged throughout the entire class. They'll learn the practice of yoga in a fun, age appropriate, and unforgettable experience.

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Children's Discovery Yoga for Ages 7-9 Years Old 

Allow your children to discover their creativity, movement, and connection between the mind-body in our fun children's yoga classes made for ages 7-9 years old. 

Your kids will enjoy highly interactive and co-creative yoga classes that feature upbeat music, creative projects, and even acrobatic partnering play.

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Tween Yoga for Ages 9-12 Years Old

The studio is our canvas in this collaborative, play-based class. Each student’s interests and gifts are woven into the fabric of each class as we dive into principals of yoga. Expect improvised storytelling and games with yoga poses and breathwork, co-created worlds, and time, of course, to settle and restore for the evening ahead.. think pillow, blocks, and blankets galore.

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Teen Yoga for Ages 13+

Our teen yoga is perfect for introducing the benefits of yoga in a supportive, creative, and nourishing environment. Ideal for older teens and ages 13+ who are looking to restore after school and grow their yoga practice in a classroom filled with like-minded and similar ages. 

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Tween & Teen Restorative Yoga

Whether it is academic or social pressure, the life of a teen or even a tween can be quite stressful at times. Restorative Yoga offers the opportunity to rest, relax and relieve the stress that can result from homework and exams, applying to colleges, social media and all that pressure to fit in with peers. 

Through the practice of slowing down, deep breathing, finding stillness, your teen will develop the tools needed to unplug and allow the body to enter the state of "rest and digest" or "calm and connect" within the nervous system, and develop the resilience to deal with the challenges that come with everyday life. 

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