Studio Policy

Llamaste Family Yoga Center is committed to providing a great yoga experience for you, your family and friends and we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness with regard to COVID-19 and your overall general health. In order to provide a safe environment we abide by the following guidelines and ask for your cooperation:

  1. Stay home if sick. We require all employees and customers to stay home if you have a fever or feeling sick, which may also include any symptoms related to COVID-19. Please check the CDC website for a list of common symptoms here

  2. Maintain a safe distance from one another. Please allow space of at least arms distance apart from your neighbor in order that each of you can practice and move comfortably.

  3. Personal Protective Equipment. Due to recent changes in CDC guidelines, facial coverings are now optional. While we encourage you to take proper health precautions as you feel is necessary, we ask that you respect the informed choices of others. We provide free PPE such as facial coverings, and other preventative equipment if needed. You can request these at the front desk. 

  4. Hygiene. We require all employees and customers to practice healthy hygiene. This includes wearing clean clothes, showering at least 12 hours prior to class and wearing non-scented anti-perspirant.  We provide mat and yoga equipment sanitizer as well as hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products throughout the studio for your use. 

Studio Etiquette

  1. Pre-Register online. Please pre-book your spot for a class online here. While we do accommodate walk-ins, we recommend registering in advance to ensure you have a spot upon arrival.

  2. Remove all outer footwear upon arrival. Please leave your shoes at the front door or on the shoe rack available prior to entering the studio. We do allow socks in the studio, though we do recommend practicing barefoot in order that you will have a better grip on the mat, unless you have a medical condition which require you to wear socks. In such a case, we recommend that you wear non-slip socks, which can be purchased at our reception desk.

  3. Store all personal items. Leave all handbags, yoga or gym bags, coats, scarves, and all other personal items either on the coat rack in the reception area or in the cubbies in the lounge area near the back of the studio. Llamaste does not take responsibility for any items that are lost.

  4. Turn off All Cellular and Electronic Devices. Please silence all cell phones or other electronic devices before the start of the class to avoid disruption during the class. 

  5. Arrive on time. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the class in order to allow our teachers to time to clean and prepare the space in between classes. This will also allow you enough time to change and get settled in before class. If you are running late, we ask that you arrive no later than 5 minutes after the start of the class in order to respect the practices of those around you. 

  6. Please be courteous. Please exercise proper courtesy and consideration when practicing with your fellow students. If you need props, take them from the window shelves before the start of class and return them at the end. Once class is in session, we ask that you remain in your area at all times. If for any reason you need to leave prior to the end of class, please do so prior to savasana as to not disturb your fellow students during their meditation. 

  7. Liability Waiver Forms. All first time students will be asked to complete a student registration form, which includes a liability waiver.

  8. Appropriate Yoga Wear. Please arrive to class in comfortable clothing in which you can move around and which is age appropriate. For adults, we recommend yoga leggings or sport pants, longline sports bra with full coverage, lined cami tops, or fitted T-shirts without offensive graphics. For children, we recommend flexible clothing that they can move in. We do not recommend denim or any other street clothes of any kind. We also ask that you avoid using strong perfumes and other scented products.

  9. Communal Yoga Props. At this time, all Llamaste yoga props such as yoga mats, straps, blocks, and other accessories are free to use for monthly members and students who book directly through our website or the MINDBODY App. For students who book via ClassPass or other third-party platforms will be charged a rental fee of $2 per each prop. All props are thoroughly sanitized in between uses for optimal health and safety during this time. 

  10. Sanitize Your Equipment & Yourself After Each Class. After each class, please be sure to use our mat cleaner, or your own, to properly sanitize your yoga mat and props before leaving the studio. We also recommend cleansing your yoga floor space after you roll up your mat. In addition, we suggest bringing a small towel to wipe down any perspiration to better contain bodily fluids. Hand sanitizer and soap will be provided in the restrooms as well as in the studio for your convenience. 

  11. Do Not Stall After Class. Please exit the studio directly after each class has finished, unless you making a purchase, a class reservation, or need to speak with the teacher. We are always available after class to answer any of your questions or address any concerns, however, in order to keep minimum occupancy in our space, as well as allow our teachers the time and space to clean and straighten out for the next class, we ask that you be considerate and not occupy the studio for prolonged periods of time.