Drop-in | $25 - 
Drop-in plus 1 Family Member | $40 -  
Drop-in plus 2 Family Members | $50 -  
3-Class Package | $70 -  
5-Class Package | $100 -  
10-Class Package | $180- 
Individual One-Month Unlimited | $150 - 

Individual and Family Add Ons
A. First Additional Member| $15 - 
B. After First Additional| $10 each - 

Note: Add-ons can be purchased if bringing a family member or friend to one of your classes when you purchase a single drop in, class package or individual one-month unlimited membership. If you've purchased a family membership (see below), and need to register an additional member past your maximum allowed in your package, choose option B from above

Family Packages
Family Membership A (up to 4 members total) | $195 - 
Family Membership B (up to 7 members total) | $225 -   

Note: When purchasing family memberships, each family member will be entered into our system. If you bring an additional member past your maximum, you have the option of upgrading (if you've purchased family membership A), selecting add-on option B (see individual and family add-ons section), or ask us to swap out an existing member with the new member.