Our monthly memberships were created to provide your families with the best value for your budget. We understand how hectic family, work, and school life can be and we aim to provide a nurturing and fun experience to include in your everyday life! Our Family Memberships are a practical way to share your love for yoga , create community, and spread awareness of the mind and body with all of your loved ones! If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your membership or Llamaste experience, please review our Membership Policies below. 

All memberships require a minimum 3-month commitment and cannot be
cancelled prior to the 3-month commitment period. 
To cancel your membership, you must give a 7-day notice within seven days of
the next billing cycle. To give notice, please send us an email at info@llamaste.com or hand in a written letter to our front desk receptionist. 
Upgrades and downgrades are available after the 3-month commitment period. Please email us at info@llamaste.com or come by the studio to alter your membership plan. 
With any other questions or concerns regarding your membership, please email info@llamaste.com!