We'll bring the yoga to you!

Our speciality here at Llamaste is bringing people together through the practice of yoga in a fun and relatable way! And what better way to do this, then by bringing the yoga class to you and yours? We are now introducing private yoga groups for local family members and friend groups who are looking to host regular scheduled yoga meetups exclusively for their loved ones. Sound like a dream? Learn more below! 


Here's How it Works

  1. Choose your theme. Whether you're looking for prenatal movement & breath work, postnatal + playtime, mommy & me storytelling, traditional vinyasa, or any other theme involving yoga-we'll make it happen!  
  2. Choose your location. You may choose to host classes at the local park, in your backyard, home, or at our studio. 
  3. Choose your teacher. Have a favorite teacher in mind? We will send them directly out to you! Or, if you are flexible on teaching style, we will rotate our staff.
  4. Choose your day/time/reoccurrence. We will plan classes around your group's schedule and manage either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly class times. 
  5. Online enrollment. Rates for private yoga groups are based per-person and are very similar to our public group drop-in rates. Once we factor in commute for teacher, staff availability, and so forth we will finalize an agreeable rate and open enrollment for the class through our online scheduling platforms. This way your friends and family can conveniently book their spot directly on our website before each class.

That's it! Ready to create your own yoga group? Complete the form below to get started.