Why sign your kiddos up for yoga class? Although it may seem a bit too serious for your little-ones, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Check out our staff’s top reasons for enrolling your children in yoga. 

  1. Play Therapy 

Kids yoga classes are rooted in play! Unlike adult classes that are based on disciplined structure and technique, kids classes incorporate games, activities, age-appropriate music, and poses made just for kids! Kids yoga classes allow children to express themselves through play. It is a great way to exercise their imagination, creativity, and communication skills. 


  1. Mind-Body Connection 

Kids yoga is a great introduction for children to learn how to live inside their bodies, connect to their emotions, and express themselves through mindfulness and movement. Learning yoga postures as a little human can help them to continue these practices in the future as an adult to deepen their connection to their mind-body. 

  1. Focus, Endurance, and Flexibility 

Physically, there are many benefits to children’s yoga! Your kids will build endurance, strength, focus and concentrations, as well as flexibility. These skills will help them both academically and recreationally in any of their pursuits. 

Although yoga may not be your child’s first choice for recreational activities, we can promise that once they give it a try they will want to come back for more! To learn more about our upcoming camps and classes, visit our Kids Yoga Class page HERE.

February 25, 2023 — Bill Ades

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