If you’ve never joined a family yoga class; absolutely no need to worry! Here are some things to keep in mind for your very first class.

1. Bring the whole gang

Don’t stress a minute about which family members to bring. Everyone will love it, so bring them all! All ages and all yoga experiences are welcome to join in on this fun.  


2. Let go of any expectations 

Family yoga is not like regular yoga classes. Don’t expect to sit in meditation, move through a standard sequence, or practice a typical class. While each family class and instructor is unique, what we will say is to expect a fun, upbeat, and interactive class with partnering postures, a themed storytelling sequence, and yoga play for the whole family. 


3. What to bring

We recommend bringing water, wearing clothes you can all move in, and making sure everyone knows beforehand that it’s not just a yoga class, but a fun family experience!

Check out our Sunday family yoga classes on our schedule at https://llamaste.com/blogs/news to join a class with us! 

May 24, 2024 — Bill Ades

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