We all know how hard it can be for your little one to focus in yoga classes, which is why we want to share with your our top kids yoga activities! These are great for keeping the attention span of your littles during yoga. Here are some of our favorites. 


Red Light, Green Light

This one is a super fun game for the littles and can be played with a bunch of different yoga poses. However, we recommend using Tree Pose. For this game you can have the children line up at one side of the room and call out either green light or red light. For Green light they can run and for red light they pose in tree pose without falling over. Whoever falls over, has to sit out. You can play this all the way to the other side of the room and back and makes for a fun game for the little yogis. 

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses can be a really fun game to introduce for your little yogi to help them stay focused. We recommend grabbing all of the yoga props you have including mats, blocks, blankets, etc and creating a maze for them move through. You can place different games, activities, or exercises throughout the maze for them to complete. This is a great game to keep them interested in yoga! 

Partnering Poses

Another fun activity is practicing partnering poses. Have the children pair up and play with partner poses that involve stacked foundational postures, balancing poses, and other fun postures that connect the kids together. 

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May 18, 2024 — Bill Ades

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