Get ready for Valentine’s with your little one on the mat with these fun bonding poses. Practice in your home, or join us for an upcoming class at our studio HERE. Have fun and enjoy with your mini-me! 


Hummingbird Meditation 

Meditate like a bird! Guide your little one through a mini meditation by introducing hummingbird sounds in a cross legged seat. We recommend creating a fun story surrounding a hummingbird to keep the interest and open your yoga playtime with some mantra “Hmmmmmmm” sounds.

Warrior Throne

Set your little one on top of your thigh as you strike a warrior pose! This can offer more strength training and balance for you, while also giving your mini-me a chance on the throne. 


Boat Ride 

Take your little one on a boat ride and place your child on your belly as you practice boat pose. Add in boat sounds and even rowing to make it more interactive! 


Mirror Play

Play a game of mirror yoga and let your child copy your yoga poses like a mirror. This is a fun practice that can also keep the attention span for your little one during yoga. 

Let us know if you try any of these fun Valentine’s poses with your kiddo! Happy love day everyone!

January 20, 2024 — Bill Ades

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