As we transition into spring, it’s important to be kind to the body. Moving out of the harsh temperatures of winter and into a new season can sometimes be a lot on not only our physical self, but also our mental and emotional self. Here are some gentle restorative postures to add into your practice to help your body move into Spring with ease! 

Hip Release
This pose is really good for opening the hips and relaxing the spine. Beginning in a child’s pose, place a booster in between your thighs, and rest your head to either side. 
Upper Back Release
For this pose, you can place a yoga block at the base of the head and a bolster at the top of the spine. Your feet can be placed flat on the floor with the knees bent for more support. This pose helps to gently open the heart, chest, and upper back. 

Lower Back Release
For this posture, you can place a bolster under the knees and a yoga block behind the back of the head. Your hands can rest on the belly, sides, or one on the heart and the other on the lower belly. This pose will help to release the lower back. 

We recommend staying in these poses for up to five minutes each and always be sure to listen to the body and adjust as needed. These are all great options for helping the body ease into spring nice and gently.

March 02, 2024 — Bill Ades

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