So what do we know about llamas besides the fact that they’re ADORABLE, MYSTICAL, and MAGICAL??? Here are our top ten FUN facts that we LOVE about these magnificent creatures! 

  • Llamas are related to camels! They’re close family members. 
  • Llamas can grow to be as tall as 6 feet.
  • They can weigh anywhere from 280 pounds to 450 pounds.
  • Llamas are vegan! They eat only plants and herbs! And lots and lots of grass! 
  • They’re sassy! If you force too much weight on their back...they’re not putting up with it! They’ll throw it right off of their load. Probably in your face :) 
  • Baby llamas are able to start running around with the rest of the herd within HOURS of being born.

  • Llamas symbolize success, strength, and perseverance on the totem. 
  • They have a calming presence and can help with stress build up! 

  • Llamas are originally from South America! 

  • Llamas are ancient beings! One of the few animals that are over 40 million years old!

    These creatures are special and so unique! If you ever get the chance to meet one, we suggest you take a trip to one of our sister farms:

     Dakota Ridge Llama Farm 

    Buck Hollow Llamas

    Second Winds Farms

    Long Island Yarn Farm 


     They are  all reputable and internationally recognized farms with the best llamas! Let’s help support the safe domestication of these animals and protect their lineage! Llamaste!

    August 07, 2019 — Llamaste Family