Imagine this… You just moved through a 60 minute core igniting, glutes firing, total body toning power vinyasa class. You have finally made it to savasana. This is no ordinary savasana. It is an absolutely epic, much deserved, complete and total rest. The kind where the entire body melts into the earth, only to be caught by the hammock that is your mat. You think to yourself, “this could not possibly get any better.” Just at that moment, it does. You hear the soft footsteps of your teacher tip-toeing in your direction. You are the chosen one. A juicy and restorative savasana assist takes the next three minutes of your practice, and life, to a whole new level. 

Well, this is pretty much what has happened to the digital age. Just when we thought society had reached a virtual peak, in a blink of an eye, the online world as we knew it became elevated even more. The digital age received an A+ savasana assist. 

Although the reason behind this transformation is tragic (aka COVID-19), it has pushed pretty much everyone to think quickly and outside the box in order to adapt their businesses to the virtual space. As yoga teachers and wellness business owners, we are no exception and are doing everything within our powers to offer a range of healing practices to the global community through this time by utilizing technology. 

Of course, this requires help.
Just as we are ensuring we see and hear our students through this time, there are many companies which have been at the forefront of seeing and hearing us through this time. Ah, karma strikes again. The cycle of true global wellness. These companies are providing COVID relief to yoga teachers and fitness instructors with opportunities for grants and funding as we all navigate through the current circumstances. 
Below is a list of resources which provide COVID aid to yoga teachers and fitness instructors:

    “We are awarding Covid-19 Relief Grants to fitness and wellness instructors. With these grants, we'll grant financial assistance up to $1,000 to teachers and instructors who are implementing new resources for their new digital business ideas”


“We provide yoga teachers with funding to launch and sustain outreach projects that expand access to yoga”


“The Paycheck Protection Program provides federally guaranteed loans to small businesses that qualify. If you have 500 or fewer employees whose primary residence is in the United States, you are eligible.”


    A complete resource guide for yoga teachers and movement instructors with information to best adapt to the “new normal” during the outbreak.

    While this time undoubtedly provides challenges, there are so many ways to grow and learn; to expand and reach others; to be of service during the pandemic and beyond. Hopefully, with these tools and resources, and with the help of each other, we teachers can craft an online presence which will not only guide those around the world to peace and ease through COVID-19, but also be the foundation of wide-spread virtual programs to follow.

    While it may be difficult to see the end while deep in the midst of the journey, we,  as a global community, will arrive fully to savasana with an elevated digital age to support our endeavors. In the meantime, enjoy at-home savasana during COVID-19 by joining the Llamaste Family Yoga Center virtual community. Check out our online schedule for live streamed adult, kids, and family yoga classes and events! We’ve got some exciting trivia nights, shopping parties, and other fun social distancing events planned!

    June 16, 2020 — Llamaste Family