3 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Balance

Balance is a great skill set that we all need to keep in check both on and off the yoga mat. Spring is the best time to revisit our balancing postures to help us transition into a lighter energy. Check out our top three yoga poses to improve your balance below. 

  1. Tree Pose 

One of the most common yoga poses is the lovely tree pose! Although this posture may seem really simple, it’s actually very beneficial for improving balance and stability in the body. To enhance your balance in your yoga practice, we recommend beginning with a tree pose at the ankle level and then slowly progressing up toward the upper thigh. Adding this into your practice each day will help to align your body and heighten your sense of balance.


2. Side Plank 

Side plank is a great posture for improving your lateral balance in the body. To introduce side plank in your practice, you can begin in a modified variation with the knee supporting proper alignment and balance before extending both legs straight to the side. This posture not only helps to gain balance in the side body, but also helps to tone and shape the obluques for greater strength in the spine overall.  


3. Boat Pose

A great posture for finding balance in the center core of the body through the abdominals. For this pose, you can begin by rocking back on the sitting bones and bending the knees toward the chest. Start with the tips of the toes on the ground and gradually raise them off of the floor parallel to the ground. This pose is great for finding strength in the central body.  


Let us know if you incorporate any of these into your practice to help improve your balance on the mat.
May 10, 2024 — Bill Ades

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