While family game nights are already a blast-our team thought it’d be interesting to come up with some fun ideas for incorporating some yoga into the mix! We gathered together in the studio to get creative with some of our go-to board games and trivia favorites to help elevate your time together. While dragging your husband to yoga class or finding a last minute babysitter while you run to the studio isn’t always possible, adding some yoga poses to family game night most definitely is! Here’s what we came up with! 

  1. Yoga Charades

Take charades onto the yoga mat! This one is probably the easiest to adjust for yoga! Simply follow the rule that everything must be acted out yogis style on the mat. Use poses for inspiration and pull from the classic postures that everyone knows to get creative. This can be quite fun and actually add a lot of humor into the mix. Especially when dad gets involved!  

2. Get Out of Monopoly Jail w/Yoga Challenge

For our monopoly lovers out there, our team came up with the idea of creating a new ‘get out of jail free card’ so to speak! The next fam member that gets stuck in Monopoly jail will have a chance to escape by completing a yoga challenge. We suggest you come up with your yoga challenges beforehand and write them on pieces of paper to draw from when someone gets stuck in jail. Some ideas would be to hold a plank pose for a full minute, to stay in the splits with a family member on top of you (safely of course!), etc. You can get super creative with these and they can be so much fun to play out! 

3. Yoga Scrabble

Theme your next scrabble match around yoga words only! If you want to be extra, you can even opt for the sanskrit words! This is our team’s preference as it gets super interesting…but great fun! 

Let us know if you try any of these yoga versions out and don’t forget to tag us on the ‘Gram! We are so eager to see what you guys think about these! Llamaste. Friends!

February 03, 2022 — Bill Ades

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