Our team’s absolute favorite way to lighten the vibe in the studio is by scrolling through funny family reels and memes that we find on Instagram. And let us just tell you…there are some hilarious accounts out there and we wanted to share them with you all today! Here are our top favorite families that you MUST follow on the IG right now! 

  1. @TheHoldernessFamily 

These guys are the BOMB when it comes to humor in parenting and family life! They not only do hilarious reels but they also do music video remixes in which they sing and dance themselves! They are our studio’s go-to family. 

  1. @Momcomnyc

This is the account for all the mamas out there! Alyce is a mom to a toddler and creates hilarious content that really makes you laugh  at her bluntness. She really tells it how it is and we love this about her! 

  1. @thefurrhafamily

This fam is super fun to follow because they actually include their ENTIRE family from their parents to some of their cousins- basically the whole gang. It’s super fun to see everyone join in on big family humor! 

  1. @kidsaretheworst 

This is a really funny account made by a mom who loves to throw shade at kid’s behavior! She has funny memes and quotes that will literally have you on the brink of tears. Our team definitely recommends giving her a follow! 

  1. @hungrysarang

This mama is super funny about her baby's appetite! She makes hilarious videos about her daughter salivating over food, how she eats, and just really funny context in regards to all things food related! She’s a must follow, especially for all you foodies out there!

Let us know if you already follow any of these or which family you think is the funniest! And if you have any personal favorites that aren’t listed above, please comment them below! We’ll be sure to add them to our studio rotation!

January 14, 2022 — Bill Ades

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