One of our favorite ways to teach kids the art of meditation is through coloring! We find that this particular technique is very effective for ages 3 to around 6 years old. It is very difficult for them to grasp the concept of traditional forms of meditation and we find at Llamaste, that coloring is the best and most creative way to keep them engaged while also receiving the same benefits that traditional meditation offers. Below are some of our favorite ways to introduce meditation for the littles!

Mandala Coloring

Mandala coloring is a technique that is super popular right now! Mandalas are fun circular graphics with intricate and symmetrical details that can help to calm the nervous system, bring in positivity, and ignite creativity-all while the kids color them in! Mandala coloring books can be bought at your local Target or Walmart and are great activities before bedtime or after school. We suggest at least 15 minutes of coloring for your kids for them to receive all the amazing benefits.

Free Paint 

This is our team’s favorite ways to get the kids creativity to shine! Free painting can be as simple as laying them out on a plastic cover, using watercolor paints, and a canvas for them to color whatever they want! Another fun idea is to have a wall set up in their room where you can lay out a sheet of paper for them to get crazy with! This one really brings out their joy, exercises their ability to create, and also helps uplift their mood. 

Trace & Sketch

This one is another fun one that involves tracing carved out sketches of your child’s favorite characters or graphics. At Llamaste, we will lay out containers of trace characters for the kids to choose from and create their own story. We’ll give them pieces of paper and they get to choose the order of the sketches and what the story is behind them to share at the end of the class. This is a super fun way to allow them to use their imagination. 

All of these techniques are extremely beneficial for teaching kids the tools of meditation, while also receiving the same benefits! Let us know if you try any of these and which one you felt your child liked the best! There are so many ways to creatively engage with the kiddos and we hope that this helps inspire them to be more mindful and balanced in their everyday life both on and off the mat. 

March 05, 2022 — Bill Ades

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