Take your children’s arts and crafts to the next level with a bit of mindfulness! Our team came up with some awesome craft variations to help bring some yogic philosophy into your child’s life. These activities are great for the little ones to enjoy and are easily accessible from everyday home supplies! 

1. Oracle Card Crafting 

Oracle cards are inspirational messages that can be drawn for daily focus, intention setting, and positivity! We highly recommend creating these with your little ones! All you’ll need is some gloss card stock, colored pencils or markers, and any embellishments to color the cards! You can guide your kids to pick their favorite inspirational words, thoughts, or other fun uplifting concepts to write on the card and decorate as they wish. They can then create their own layouts to draw cards each day for daily concentration, mindfulness, and more! 

2. Yoga Mat Painting 

Another cute craft idea is to purchase thick canvas pieces and layer them together to make a yoga mat. You can then have your children paint their own design on their new yoga mat-giving them incentive and creativity to step onto the mat and play!  

3. Mandala Making 

Our favorite craft idea is taking your child outside to collect leaves, rocks, flowers,  and other nature gifts to create a mandala! This can be a really beautiful opportunity for your child to connect with nature and spend time outdoors with their arts and crafts. 

We are confident that your children will love adding these into their daily arts and craft projects! Let us know if you try any of these out and how your kids liked them! As always, llamaste!

April 15, 2022 — Bill Ades

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