Today our team put together a list of our favorite essential yoga props! This list is compiled of our staff’s most treasured items to help you elevate your practice. It’s always a good idea to be prepared before stepping onto the mat-especially if you are new to yoga! Here are our top picks…

1. Yoga Mat 

Need we really say more? A yoga mat is our number one pick, friends! Check out ours right here

2. Mat Cleaner   

A really important thing to have in your yoga bag is mat cleaner! Usually studios will provide you with this, but it’s always great to have your own batch to have at home with you as well. Check out our handmade ones here

3. Yoga Towel 

If you have issues with slippage or excessive sweat drippings on your mat, we recommend investing in a good yoga towel. These can be laid over your mat and help prevent slippage. Or, you could check out our All-In-One mats here that are both a yoga mat and a towel combined! 

4. Hand Towel 

For the sweat! It’s always a good idea to carry around a hand towel to help towel off in between postures or after class. You won’t regret it!

5. Essential Oils 

This is a really great investment for your yoga practice! We recommend choosing a few blends of oils to incorporate in your practice. They can really help you to relieve any stress, calm the nervous system, and find deeper relaxation in your mind-body. You can use these oils on the wrists, under the nose, or in between the brows before or after your practice to help set the boost your experience. Shop our Young Living Essential Oils here

6. Blocks 

A huge must-have! Yoga blocks are really great props to have around. They can assist in building strength, core, and using as modifications for deepening your flexibility. We recommend having a set of at least two blocks. 

7. Straps 

Another popular tool that our staff recommends are straps! These guys can really help with building flexibility in a plethora of different postures. They are especially helpful for building hamstring flexibility and are great for runners, dancers, and other athletes. 

8. Wheel 

Wheels are fabulous props that can really do wonders in your practice! They are especially great for building flexibility in the back and spine. However, they can be incorporated for not only flexibility, but also balance and strength.  

9. Bolsters/Pillows 

Bolsters and pillows are excellent additions to have around for your practice. They can help to elevate your postures, assist in modifications, and help with flexibility progression in a relaxed and comfortable manner. 

10. Weighted Cushions

Our last recommendation are weighted cushions or sandbags. These guys are great for both adding a bit of additional strength training into your practice, or for optimizing your restorative practices. For strength training, you can practice with ankle or wrist weights to help tone and strengthen the body. For more restorative classes, you can use the weighted cushions to help ground the mind-body connection during meditation, pranayama, or while in restorative postures. 

These are our team’s favorite yoga prop essentials! Let us know if you work with any of these currently in your practice, or if any of these are new for you! We’d love to know what you think. Llamaste, friends! 

April 09, 2022 — Bill Ades

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