Daily journaling for teenagers can be absolutely magical! It is really helpful for them to properly express, communicate, and balance their emotional and mental bodies as they continue to develope and grow the self. Below you will find some of our favorite journaling prompts for young teens. 
Gratitude Journal  

Our team’s number one recommendation is for teens to take up a daily or weekly practice of writing everything down that they were grateful for. This can help them remain grateful and more focused on the good in their life versus the challenges. 


Daily Inspiration

Another beautiful practice is to encourage your teen to start the day with inspirational quotes, lyrics from their favorite songs, or by picking an oracle card and journaling about what it may mean to them and how they can embody that inspiration for the day ahead. This helps to keep their spirits high and positive. 

Intention Setting 

Setting an intention for their day can also be an awesome practice for positivity and goal setting. If they are not usually active in the morning, we recommend them taking this practice up, in the evening for the day ahead. 

Automatic Writing

Our last recommendation is automatic writing. For this one they can take a few breaths, clear their mind, and then begin to write whatever comes to mind. Words, emotions, situations, feelings, goals, whatever comes to their mind. This helps to clear energetic blockages, built up thought and excess emotion. 

Share these with your teens and be sure to let them choose a cute journal as extra incentive to give these a try! Our team guides our studio’s teens through this practices in our teen yoga and  journaling classes and thought it would be lovely to share with the community. As always, let us know what you think.

March 25, 2022 — Bill Ades

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